Are 'ableist' economies depriving themselves of the purple pound?

In rural Indonesia there is a fast-growing group of disabled entrepreneurs taking control of the economic space. Supported by British social consultancy firm Red Ochre, they are training up, honing their business models and spreading skills outwards so that others in their community who face economic exclusion can work for themselves. They signify what countries are missing when they fail to access their ‘purple pound’ – reports DICE Young Storymaker Mathilda Mallinson.

Product development and social media training in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

At Red Ochre we’ve had the pleasure to be able to work with our colleagues DEC (Disability Empowerment Centre), Lawe Foundation and Kampung Halaman with the support of the British Council.

Making waves in Tempo

Our project work in Java over the last six months has caught the attention of Tempo Magazine. Tempo is one of the largest circulation and best known weekly news and politics magazines in Indonesia.